Leaked Photo Shows Assembled iPhone 6 Logic Board

Leaked Photo Shows Assembled iPhone 6 Logic Board

Another day, another leaked photo of an iPhone 6 component. Today’s photo is what appears to be a fully assembled logic board destined for the iPhone 6. (Via Apple.club.tw [Google Translate].)



While several physical features such as the nano-SIM slot, a number of connectors for flex cable components, and a flash storage chip that appears to be from Toshiba are visible in the somewhat blurry photo, the most interesting components of the board unfortunately remain hidden under electromagnetic shielding. A silver component at the bottom of the board on the left is almost certainly the Wi-Fi module, although no identifiable markings can be seen. 


A second photo, seen above, also shared by Apple.club.tw, shows a pair of flex cables also said to be from the iPhone 6. The cables appear to be the same components as seen in photos of a front panel display assembly leaked yesterday.

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