Popcorn Time Torrents Streamer Coming to iOS

Popcorn Time Torrents Streamer Coming to iOS

You may remember Popcorn Time, the Mac app that allows you to stream torrents to your Mac. The developers of the shadowy Mac app are soon to release a version for iOS devices. The app should be available for download in the next few days.

Popcorn Time

Cult of Mac:

Speaking to Dutch Apple site iPhoned.nl, Popcorn Time’s dev team said that they would be releasing an iOS version of the app in the next few days. The app will stream to both Apple AirPlay devices and Google’s ChromeCast.

No other firm details are available, but since Apple frowns on apps like this appearing in the App Store, and Popcorn Live’s devs don’t want to go the Cydia route, it’s likely the app will have to be loaded on your app via a sly little method such as installing via Enterprise certificates, ala GBA4iOS. It takes a few extra steps, but the method works.

If you have a Mac, and want to see what Popcorn Time is all about, the Mac app is available at the Popcorn Time website. (Windows, Linux, and Android versions are also available at the site.)

Of course, all torrents access is at the user’s own risk, as copyright holders tend to frown on apps such as Popcorn Time and other torrents apps.