Rumor: Apple’s Upcoming A8 in iPhone 6 to Remain at 1GB RAM

Rumor: Apple’s Upcoming A8 in iPhone 6 to Remain at 1GB RAM

A document, leaked recently, shows what is allegedly a schematic for Apple’s upcoming “A8” processor, which is expected to power Apple’s “iPhone 6” when it debuts this fall. The document shows the chip will contain 1GB of  RAM, falling well short of the 2GB of RAM in rival’s devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8.



The purported schematic was published on Chinese social media site Weibo by repair firm “GeekBar,” and it suggests that the “A8” processor will not expand the amount of RAM available. The document was first highlighted on Monday by GforGames.

Apple first offered 1GB of RAM in their A5x chip, which powered the iPad with Retina Display in 2012. The A6 processor debuted later that year with the same amount of RAM, the first time 1GB was used in an Apple phone.

While remaining at 1GB of RAM means iOS must work harder in the background, managing background tasks to prevent excessive memory use, less memory does mean less drain on the battery, extending battery life over what would be required for a larger amount of RAM.

We’ll soon know Apple’s plans for their next-generation device, as Apple is expected to debut its new flagship handset(s) on September 9th, with a launch expected soon after. In addition to larger screens, the devices are expected to boast a faster A8 processor, improved cameras, and better battery life.