Samsung Awarded Patent for iPhone-Like Phone Design

Samsung Awarded Patent for iPhone-Like Phone Design

To be filed under “Ways to NOT Cool Down a Patent Battle”. Samsung has been awarded a patent for a very iPhone-like design for a mobile phone.



PhoneArena spotted a bunch of design patents awarded to Samsung, including a smartphone design with ridged flat edges and a round home button – remind you of anything?

Apple isn’t the only competitor Samsung is apparently looking to “flatter”, as another patent drawing looks to be a “tribute” to the Moto 360 smartwatch from Motorola…


The have been signs of cooling lately in the patent war between Apple and Samsung, with Apple dropping a motion for a sales ban on older Samsung devices, and more recently the two companies mutually agrees to end their non-U.S. patent disputes.

While these are merely drawings, and may not lead to a device being manufactured, it’s clear that Samsung may never give up their copying ways.

  1. StopevilAndroid says:

    I won’t buy a single product from Samesung. At least not in this lifetime !

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