Some Users Experiencing iCloud Mail Outage

Some Users Experiencing iCloud Mail Outage

Several reports from users earlier today indicated Apple’s iCloud Mail service was experiencing difficulties. Apple has now updated their System Status Page to indicate that some users are indeed experiencing an outage.



Apple says that “some users are affected” and that “users may be unable to receive iCloud mail”. Apple’s system status page says the outage started a little before 12PM ET this morning and continues for some. iCloud Mail service also went down last month with a relatively small number of users experiencing an outage for as long as 18 hours.

We’ll keep an eye on the situation, and let you know when the service is green and good to go.

  1. dd0723 says:

    I”m glad to know it wasn’t just me, but this is old. My issue started last week when all of my emails disappeared from all my devices. I had to call applecare and they manually fixed it and pushed all my emails back to my devices.

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