Apple Acquires E-Magazine Publisher Prss

Apple Acquires E-Magazine Publisher Prss

Apple has acquired magazine app authoring firm Prss in what is reportedly a talent and resources grab. Apple reportedly purchased the Netherlands-based magazine app firm earlier this year. The firm had announced a shutdown of services in July.


AppleInsider notes Apple has confirmed the purchase with their usual comment of, “”Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

Prss is the developer and host for a web app that allowed users to create and publish digital magazines compatible with platforms like Apple’s Newsstand. The service launched in early 2013.

“We started our own software because we as a publisher felt screwed, and we also felt that the readers were screwed,” Prss cofounder Michel Elings said at the time.

While confirming the acquisition of Prss, Apple would not comment on specifics of the buyout deal.

While the roles Elings and Prss employees will take on at Apple are unknown, they will likely work on projects such as Newsstand, or Apple’s own in-house e-publication tool, iBooks Author.