Apple to Try Out New Digital Queue System For iPhone 6 Launch Day

Apple to Try Out New Digital Queue System For iPhone 6 Launch Day

Apple will be using a new digital queue system to control the lines that will most assuredly be appearing outside their Apple Retail Stores on launch day for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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9to5Mac notes that in the past, customers who lined up for a new product were given paper tickets specifying the product configuration they wished to purchase. These cards helped stores keep track of their product on hand, while reassuring customers that they weren’t wasting time waiting in line for a sold out product.

Training materials shared with Apple retail employees yesterday show Apple will no longer use the traditional paper cards system, and will instead place customers into a virtual queue.

The new system is known as “Reservation Pass,” and will sync with Apple’s back of house inventory system to ensure the store doesn’t hand out too many product reservations. Customers will receive their digital reservation card via SMS or email on their device, allowing them to come back at any time during the day to purchase their new precious.

Customers were allowed to leave the line in the past after receiving a paper card, but were encouraged to stay in line until their number came up.

9to5Mac points out that the new system will allow customers who may need to sort out billing issues or handset discounts on their wireless accounts to get a digital iPhone 6 or 6 Plus reservation, then go take care of any outstanding bills or issues, and return to the Apple Store ready for their upgrade.

The iPhone 6 will become available for preorders beginning Friday, September 12th and will hit the shelves on Friday, September 19th.