Conan O’Brien Gets Bent With The iPhone 6 Plus

Conan O’Brien Gets Bent With The iPhone 6 Plus

Conan O’Brien has joined in the fun surrounding the reports of Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus becoming bent while in users pockets. The jab takes the form of a fake Samsung commercial. (May be semi-NSFW, double-entendres abound.)

While Conan’s “commercial” was fake, it seems as if Samsung is actually following a similar line of attack with this gem:

Samsung iPhone 6 Plus Jab

While the Samsung ad doesn’t name names, we are to assume the bowed and bent device is an iPhone 6 Plus, while the “rigid” and “stiff” device is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. (Thanks to (I don’t even want to see how tight your jeans have to be to bend an iPhone THAT way! – Ed.)

Conan loves to take playful jabs at Apple devices, and technology in general. For previous Conan tech-related gems, visit our Conan archives.

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  1. Anthony Snyder says:

    Oh my god thats just.. lol Too bad people don’t really believe that until it happens. It may impact 1% of sales for a week but thats a non-issue.

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