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Consumer Reports Test Show iPhone 6 Plus Less “Bendy” Than iPhone 6 and Other Phones

Consumer Reports Test Show iPhone 6 Plus Less “Bendy” Than iPhone 6 and Other Phones

The results from Consumer Reports’ “three-point flexural test” of the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, and other smartphones may finally put the overblown “bendgate” hullaballoo to rest.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports’ tests pushed the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus much further than [Apple’s test of 55 pounds of force]. We started light, applying 10 pounds of force for 30 seconds, then releasing the force. Then we upped the force in 10-pound increments, noted when the phones first started to deform (that’s what our engineers call it) and stopped the test for each phone when we saw the screen come loose from the case.

The consumer watchdog put the phones through a “three-point flexural test,” which see the phones supported at each end, with pressure applied to a third point.

As well as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Consumer Reports tested devices such as the HTC One m8, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG G3 and iPhone 5.

The results of Consumer Reports' testing
The results of Consumer Reports’ testing

Results showed the iPhone 6 Plus was actually stronger than the iPhone 6, beginning to deform at 90 pounds of force and with its screen and case separating at 110 pounds of force. The iPhone 6 began to deform at 70 pounds of force and began coming apart at the 100 pound force level.

The HTC One m8 fared the worst in the test, deforming at 70 pounds of force, and coming apart at 90 pound of pressure.

LG’s G3 deformed and came apart at 130 pounds of force, the iPhone 5 deformed at 130 pounds, and came apart at 150 pounds of force. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 deformed and came apart at 150 pounds of force, however while some phones, such as the iPhone 6 and HTC were still operating after coming apart, the Note 3 died immediately.

The magazine concluded that while none of the phones tested were indestructible, they all should hold up fine under everyday use.

(Via MacRumors)

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