iPhone 6 Plus Supply for Tomorrow’s Launch is Low, REAL Low

iPhone 6 Plus Supply for Tomorrow’s Launch is Low, REAL Low

You can likely file your chances of getting an iPhone 6 Plus during tomorrow’s launch under “A Snowball’s Chance in Hell.” A report from BGR indicates there is “no chance” of getting an iPhone 6 Plus unit on Friday.

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
Wan’t the one on the right? – Don’t hold your breath because blue isn’t your color.


We just spoke with multiple sources at carrier stores and authorized Apple retailer partner locations, and the straight up fact is it’s going to harder to find an iPhone 6 Plus tomorrow than a Turbo Man. We are told that stores have been receiving shipments all throughout the day, and out of all the new iPhone 6 models received, typically only about 2-3% are iPhone 6 Plus units, and in only one color.

BGR’s sources also told them that there are no 16GB iPhone 6 Plus devices to be found.

MacTrast spoke to a mild-mannered source at a Apple reseller location somewhere in middle America this afternoon, and what they told us jibes with BGR’s sources, as they report receiving a total of 18 handsets, only 6 of which are Plus models.

If you’re looking to grab an iPhone 6, your chances look a bit better, with reports indicating all colors and capacities will be available to some degree. As always, your best chance likely lies inside your local Apple retail store.

Good luck out there tomorrow, and we’ll be sure to report what supplies are looking like as the news comes in.

If you’re standing in line, or plan to stand in line for an iPhone overnight, be sure to email us pics of yourself in line. Let us know which handset you’re trying to get, and what you’re doing to keep yourself occupied. We just might publish your photo tomorrow morning. Send photos to: chris@mactrast.com. Have fun!