Kickstarter of the Week: BelayCords – The Reversible USB Sync Cable Apple Didn’t Announce

Kickstarter of the Week: BelayCords – The Reversible USB Sync Cable Apple Didn’t Announce

Maybe it’s just me – and Andy Rooney – but if theres a 50% chance of getting something wrong, I’ll get it wrong 90% of the time, especially when it comes to inserting a USB cable into a USB port. Enter BelayCords, the reversible USB sync cable that gives you a 100% probability of hooking up your iOS device to your Mac via USB right the first time.

From the BelayCords Kickstarter site:

With a USB that works in either orientation, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your Apple or Android device.


Available for a variety of phones and tablets…

Micro USB Compatibility:

BelayCords will work with any phone or tablet with a standard Micro USB connector. This includes Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones, among many others! Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 5, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire, Nexus series, Motorola Moto, Motorola Moto G, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC One, Xiaomi Mi 3, Blackberry Z10, LG G2,and so many more!


Apple Compatibility

Works with all apple products! This includes iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and more! It even works with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!

USB Orientation

The folks behind the BelayCords say they’re working with the Reversible USB patent holder to make the first and only iPhone USB Lightning cable that works in any orientation.


Strength and durability

Charging cords break. BelayCords are covered by a life time guarantee. That means BelayCords should be the last cable you will have to buy.


“Teaming up with lead designers, we created Belaycords in a variety of colors that “pop”. Inspired by climbing rope, belaycords has a rugged fabric exterior, protecting the charging components from wear and helping to keep them tangle free. That means no more on-again off-again charging! With MFI certified BelayCords by Apple, you’ll never get another pop-up warning you about “Unauthorized devices”.”

Reward Levels


If BelayCords look like something you’d like to have handy in your backpack or on your desk, be sure to visit the BelayCords Kickstarter site and pledge for the project.


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