Philips Unveils MFi Lightning Cable Fidelio M2L Headphones

Philips Unveils MFi Lightning Cable Fidelio M2L Headphones

Thanks to Apple’s recently updated Made for iPhone (MFi) specs, we’ve been expecting to see headphones that use Apple’s Lightning connector to connect to iOS devices. Pocket-Lint has spotted one of the first of this new breed of headphones, the Philips Fidelio M2L headphones, in stores by December.

Philips Fidelo M2L Headphones


Philips is making the bold claim that its Fidelio M2L headphones are the first on the market that can connect to an Apple iPhone or iPod via the Lightning connector. For this reason they’re able to deliver high-quality 24-bit Digital to Analogue Conversion (DAC) and amplification in the headphones themselves.

The M2L headphones should eliminate potential crosstalk and interference by using Apple’s Lightning connector. The headphones use two 40mm high magnetic intensity neodymium speaker drivers and a closed-back acoustic architecture to deliver sweet sounds to the listener’s ears.

Those ears should be comfortable snuggled into the M2L headphones, as the ergonomically designed cans include deluxe breathable leather memory foam ear pads.

The Philips Fidelio M2L headphones will be available for €250/$320 in Western Europe and North America sometime in December.