Apple Looks to Expand iPhone 6 NFC Chip Usage Beyond Apple Pay

Apple Looks to Expand iPhone 6 NFC Chip Usage Beyond Apple Pay

A report today says Apple is actively looking to make partnerships that would increase the utility of the NFC chip found in its flagship iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets. At the moment, the chip can only be used by the Apple Pay mobile payments service.

Apple Pay NFC

The Information (via 9to5Mac) reports that the company is looking to expand the use of NFC to things such as building security, transit tickets, and more. The report says Apple has already met with HID Global and Cubic, who make electronic ‘keycard’ secure building access and transit fare systems.

Apple has already announced a similar partnership with Starwood Hotels, where users can replace their hotel keycards with their Apple Watch, however that functionality will work via Bluetooth instead of NFC.

None of the companies reported to be involved in talks would confirm the discussions. It would be easy to see how such information as security clearances, ticketing information, or room access could be easily stored in the secure element found inside the iPhone 6/6Plus, just as Apple Pay information is today.

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