Camera Roll Likely to Make a Return With iOS 8.1

Camera Roll Likely to Make a Return With iOS 8.1

Gizmodo reports that Apple has apparently heard the cries of “WTF?!?!? Where did my Camera Roll go?!?!?” from iOS 8 users, and will likely be bringing it back in iOS 8.1.

Screenshot of iOS 8.1
Screenshot of iOS 8.1 – Camera Roll. (And the crowd goes wild!)


Mention of the Camera Roll magically and quietly appeared in the iOS 8.1 beta release notes a few days ago. As Product Reviews notes, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean the old feature, which lets you look at all of your photos in one place, will return in the same form. There’s a chance that Apple just recycled the name for the new “Recently Added” album which only lets you look at all of your photos from the last 30 days.

So yeah, to-MAY-to, to-MAH-to… Camera Roll, Recently Added…

As always, this is a beta we’re looking at, and things can – and always will – change beforeĀ iOS 8.1 makes its public debut. But, since it seems important to many users, we though we’d offer you the tiniest glimmer of hope.


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