Kickstarter of The Week: SNAP! 6 – The Easiest Way To SNAP A SHOT With Your iPhone 6

Kickstarter of The Week: SNAP! 6 – The Easiest Way To SNAP A SHOT With Your iPhone 6

This week’s Kickstarter of the Week allows you to take better photos with your new iPhone 6, and with just one hand. SNAP! 6 is a handy case with a built-in shutter button, and a set of lenses that attach directly to the SNAP! 6 case.

From the SNAP! 6 Kickstarter Page:

As a photography enthusiast ourselves, we realized no matter how much we love to take pictures with our iPhones, we always encountered that awkward moment of not being able to snap a perfect shot naturally and easily. Whether we used the volume button or touch screen to take a shot, we usually ended up with shaky photos or our hands blocking the view. Taking a steady shot with a single hand was almost impossible.


SNAP! 6 is not just a case, it has an actual shutter button built right in, and uses portable, interchangeable lenses. When you hold your phone horizontally, the shutter button is on the upper right hand corner, just as how you would use the shutter on a real camera. So, when you press the shutter button of the SNAP! 6, the volume button of your iPhone 6 will be simultaneously pressed as well to trigger the camera shutter.

The SNAP! 6 case allows you to take perfect selfies, gives you single-handed control, interchangeable lenses, with an easy to use shutter button.

The SNAP! 6 comes in Classic Black, Premium Silver, Strawberry Pink and Deep Blue. There’s nothing over-the-top or out-there about SNAP! 6, it’s all about simplicity, quality and elegance.


The SNAP! 6 also includes a hands-free strap, to make it easier to be ready for that perfect shot.

There are four lenses for the SNAP! 6: The 2 in 1 lens (Marco + Wide Angle), a Fisheye Lens and 3X Telephoto Lens, and a CPL filter.


While the SNAP! 6 works great with the iPhone’s built-in camera app, the company has also developed an app to work with the case. SNAP! Pro provides an intuitive camera-like interface with advanced settings such as shutter speed, white balance, exposure level, filters, frames and many more features. All of the advanced camera settings will be free to unlock for SNAP! 6 users with an unique serial number in each package.


The SNAP! Pro app will be ready in November.


More information about the SNAP! 6 iPhone 6 case can be found at the SNAP! 6 Kickstarter page.

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