Review: Bison iPhone 5/5s Wallet – A Simple, Yet Luxurious Wallet/Sleeve

Review: Bison iPhone 5/5s Wallet – A Simple, Yet Luxurious Wallet/Sleeve

If you’re like me, you run out of pockets before you run out of stuff to put in them. When I had the chance to review the Bison iPhone 5/5s Wallet, I jumped at the chance to see if I could lessen the load on my ever bulging pockets by leaving my wallet in my other pants.



The Bison iPhone 5/5s Wallet is a hand made leather sleeve that supplies luxurious protection for your iPhone 5/5s, while also providing a safe place to keep your ID and credit cards. The Bison sleeve supplies ample room for your iPhone and a number of credit cards, and even some cash, if you fold it properly.

While I tested the iPhone 5/5s wallet, Bison also makes wallets for the iPhone 6, and iPhone 4/4S, as well as wallets that simply do a great job of holding your cash, credit cards and ID in a slim, beautifully crafted piece of leather.

Once I received the Bison iPhone Wallet, the first thing I did was shove my iPhone 5s into the sleeve to see how easily it slid in and out of the wallet. At first, my iPhone became slightly stuck in the wallet, and it took a good amount of pulling to get the device to slide back out again. However, once I began to use it, the grip lessened enough for me to slide my iPhone out easily enough, but not so easily it would fall out by itself. I can report after 2 weeks of use, the fit remained snug, and the wallet seemed to mold itself to my iPhone.

The look of the Bison iPhone 5/5s Wallet can only be described as classically beautiful. The construction of the wallet consists of a beautiful piece of leather, held together by hand-stitched polyester thread.

While using the wallet, I also kept my Driver’s License, Ordained Minister ID, (I’m a Dudeist Priest, it’s cool), and a few credit cards in the supplied flap. While the wallet securely held all of the cards, I would be concerned that after a long period of usage, the leather may stretch, and the cards could fall out. It’s just something to keep in mind.

While the wallet is a beautiful piece of workmanship, you should be aware that the Bison wallet is simply leather, held together by stitching. It contains no fabric lining in the pouch where the iPhone is held. This doesn’t matter to me, the leather itself is soft enough to protect the iPhone, however some users may miss a lining.

The price of the Bison iPhone Wallet could be considered to be a little dear for some buyers. At $75, the wallet is not an impulse buy. On top of that, some users might not even want to use this type of wallet for everyday user, and may want to save it for dressier occasions.


There are other companies who make similar cases/wallets that are lower priced, however the Bison iPhone 5/5s Wallet rates a closer look by iPhone owners who are looking for a luxurious case that looks as if it will stand up to the rigors of years of use.

As a final note, Bison was recently named as a finalist in The Martha Stewart American Made Awards in the Style category. The awards recognize makers across the country who create innovative and beautiful products. As Martha herself would say, “That’s a good thing.”


The Bison iPhone 5/5S Wallet may be a little out of some users’ price comfort zone, however, anyone who is in the market for a luxurious, yet durable wallet case for their device could do much worse than to purchase this wallet. The construction of the wallet is excellent, and the sleeve has the feel of a case that will give many years of use, while ably protecting your iPhone.

Rating: 3.5/5.0[rating:3.5]

Price: $75 – Available at the Bison Made website. Cases and wallets for other devices are also available at the Bison website.


  • Simply beautiful. The construction of the wallet is top-notch.
  • The iPhone fits snugly.
  • Credit cards and Identification cards also fit snugly.
  • Allows most users to combine their wallet and an iPhone case. – One less thing to carry in your pockets.
  • The slim design fit easily into every pocket I tried it with.


  • The $75 price tag could be a little dear for many users.
  • I do wish the wallet had some type of soft lining.
  • After along period of time, it’s possible your ID and credit cards could begin to slide out a bit too easily. Just something to keep in mind.