Skype Debuts Redesigned Skype Version 7.0 for Mac

Skype Debuts Redesigned Skype Version 7.0 for Mac

Skype has launched Skype 7.0 for Mac, a redesigned version of its OS X video and audio chat client. The revamped look of the new app is intended to better match the design aesthetic of Apple’s upcoming OS X Yosemite operating system.

Skype for Mac 7.0

As well as fitting in with the OS X Yosemite look, the new design also aligns the app with the look and feel of the recently redesigned Skype iOS app.

The Skype for Mac app will allow users to:

  • Chat every day with free instant messages.
  • Share files and photos for free in an instant.
  • See your family come together over a free group video call.
  • Switch between calling and messages with one click, or do both together.
  • Low-cost calls and text messages to mobiles and landlines.

Skype 7.0 for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or above, and a webcam for video calls and a microphone.

Skype 7.0 for Mac is available as a free download from the Skype website, or existing users can update from within the app.