Wallpaper Weekends: Bokeh for iPhone 6

Wallpaper Weekends: Bokeh for iPhone 6

Wallpaper Weekends is a series that works to bring you stunning, high quality wallpapers for your iPadiPhone, and/or iPod Touch.

Another edition for our iPhone 6 users. The Bokeh effect became popular when iOS 7 became transparent. With the different colors and lighting effects, it looks great on the advanced iOS. Of course, iPhone 6 sized wallpapers can be scaled back for smaller devices.

wallpaper-firefly-party-bokeh-blue-34-iphone6-plus-preview bokeh-lights-on-camp-pattern-34-iphone6-plus-preview

Download Instructions

From your device, link to the full resolution image by tapping the individual images. When the new window opens, tap and hold on the image until the “Save Image” option appears. Saving the image will place your new wallpaper in Photos.app Recent Pictures folder. From your desktop, link to the full resolution image. Right click and save the image to your iTunes photo sync folder.