App of the Week: Monument Valley – A Dazzling iOS Puzzle Game

App of the Week: Monument Valley – A Dazzling iOS Puzzle Game

I love the occasional puzzle, and I certainly love using my iPhone as often as possible, so when those two come together, it’s a beautiful day for me. Monument Valley is a brain teasing puzzler that’s sure to please.

Monument Valley is a fantastic, visually tricky, almost soothing puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. Navigate the princess through M.C. Escher inspired levels with out of this world physics.  Throughout the game, you’re challenged with using perspective to perform real-world-physics defying maneuvers, avoid obnoxious crows, and use elements of the world to assist you along the way, making it challenging and a bit addicting.

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With a $3.99 price tag, Monument Valley isn’t the cheapest game in the App Store. For the price of a latte, you get 10 brilliant levels that are challenging and fun to play.  An additional $1.99 In-App Purchase unlocks another 8 puzzles – which has caused quite a stir online this week, as some feel that after paying for a game, you should always get any addition to the game for free. Others argue that it’s more like buying an expansion pack, or a way to pay for an upgrade – a feature Apple has left out of the current iOS structure.

Regardless of any drama about game pricing, Monument Valley is definitely worth the $4, and I would recommend anyone with an iOS device and a few bucks to spare check it out!

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