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App of the Week: Philips Grooming – Your grooming advisor

App of the Week: Philips Grooming – Your grooming advisor

It’s that time of year again – Movember (or No Shave November for you lazier folks). During the month of November, many men decide it’s time to grow out that facial hair again, either for warmth, fun, or charity. Unsurprisingly, finding the correct facial hair style for your face is a challenge many men experience, but Philips Norelco is here to help, with their new Grooming app!

The Philips Grooming app is a free, personal advisor, that men can use to see what various facial hair styles look like on their face, as well as get shaving tips and recommendations for their personal facial hair desires.

Using the app is quick and simple, allowing you to quickly snap a photo of your face, and then swipe through facial hair styles. The app, like many other facial tracking type apps, allows you to pinpoint various key spots on your face to ensure an appropriate placement. When it comes to style advice, just pick the facial hair you desire and see how to achieve the look you want. The included style quiz can also help you determine a facial hair style that works best for your grooming preferences and face shape.

If you’re celebrating November or No-Shave November, the Philips grooming app is a great tool to help you find your style! Check it out for free in the App Store!

The App of the Week is a feature written by Ian Fuchs, and is designed as a way to provide exposure to apps that may otherwise go overlooked or unnoticed in the App Store. If you have an App of the Week suggestion (for Mac, iPhone, or iPad), email it to ian(at)mactrast.com, or find me at @ianfuchs on Twitter.

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