Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is a Hit With Asian Customers

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is a Hit With Asian Customers

While Apple’s iPhone 6 continues to outsell its bigger sibling, the iPhone 6 Plus, around the world, (most assuredly at least partially due to manufacturing constraints on the 6 Plus), the 6 Plus makes a bit of a better showing in Asia. This, from AppLovin in its latest November 2014 report.

AppLovin iPhone Sales Split
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According to AppLovin’s analytics data, the iPhone 6 outsold the 6 Plus in an 80/20 ratio overall in the first 45 days of availability. While Europe, North America and Australia roughly follow this global sales distribution or lean slightly more heavily toward the iPhone 6, the trend changes in Asia, where the iPhone 6 Plus typically accounts for 35 percent or more of iPhone sales.

South Korea is the only Asian country in the study with an iPhone 6 Plus adoption rate below 35%. The country, home to iPhone rivals LG and Samsung, shows a lower 71/29 split. This could be due to competition from the larger phones made by the home-grown manufacturers.

While the huge disparity between sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can be greatly attributed to the constrained supply of the larger model, some recent studies show figures in the iPhone 6’s favor in an at least 3:1 ratio. (AppLovin’s ratio is 4:1.)

All of this will likely shake out a bit more in favor of the iPhone 6 Plus once production can finally catch up with demand. However, it is interesting to see data such as AppLovin’s which shows Asian consumers proving more likely to grab a device with a larger screen, such as the iPhone 6 Plus.