DrawType Keyboard for iOS – Draw Your Text Replies

DrawType Keyboard for iOS – Draw Your Text Replies

While numerous third-party keyboards have been released since Apple enabled them with the release of iOS 8, The DrawType Keyboard may be the most entertaining one so far. The new extension allows you to respond to messages with drawings in place of text.

DrawType Keyboard


Like its name suggests, the extension lets you reply to messages with drawings instead of text; you simply sketch your reply like you might in an app like Snapchat, paste it in the text field and press send. Just like that you’ve sent your first selfie portrait.

DrawType’s developer, Theo Watson was part of the team that created the EyeWriter, an open-source eye-tracking system that allows people who afflicted with ALS to draw by using their eye movements. His “creative coding” has also led to NoisyTyper, which makes your computer’s keyboard sound like a classic typewriter, and AutoSmiley, which automatically sends smiley emoticons when you grin.

Watson plans to expand the features of DrawType, adding uploading of animated GIFs and allowing you to draw on top of imported images.

Od course, with apps like this, you just know what it’s going to be used for the most… “Someone replied to me on Twitter and said: ‘You have no idea how many penises are in my text message conversations now,’” laughs Watson. “But really, it’s meant for a whole variety of drawings.”

DrawType Keyboard for the iPhone is available for $0.99 in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]

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