Form – The $80 Mobile App Prototyping Software is Now Free

Form – The $80 Mobile App Prototyping Software is Now Free

Software developer RelativeWave was just bought by Google, and has announced that its previously $80 mobile app prototyping software, Form is now available for free on the Mac App Store.


RelativeWave, via 9to5Mac:

I speak for the team when I say that we’re incredibly humbled by what the community has created with Form. We’ve seen people create designs that we could have never imagined. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to see people using your work.

The team says it will continue to develop the app, saying: “We’ve just scratched the surface with prototyping. With the help of Google, we’ll be focused on improving the state of design and development tools.”

Form allows users to rapidly prototype mobile apps in real-time, using presets that the company says are “as powerful as their coded counterparts.”

While the accompanying Form Viewer app is currently iOS only, the team hints that an Android version could be on the way, saying to “stay tuned.”

If you’ve previously coughed up the $80 for a copy of Form, and are now feeling a bit pissed off, take some time out from screaming expletives, and contact to get a refund. 

The Form app is now available free in the Mac App Store. [DIRECT LINK]

The Form Viewer app for iOS is available free in the iOS App Store. [DIRECT LINK]