Kickstarter of the Week: FLIO – A Slim & Portable Wooden Laptop Stand

Kickstarter of the Week: FLIO – A Slim & Portable Wooden Laptop Stand

In today’s connected society, many of us carry our laptops wherever we go. We know that using a laptop sitting on a desk or table is bad for us ergonomically, but what can we do? Enter Flio – A slim. portable and collapsible wooden stand for your laptop.

From the Flio Kickstarter page:

Flio provides the conditions for a proper sitting position, easy typing and at the same time it is lightweight and collapsible to carry and use in any environments you need.

Flio elevates your laptop significantly to a good viewing height, keeping your back straight and not making any compromise when it comes to easy typing.


Flio made from three thin elements of wood that stack together perfectly like a small jig-saw puzzle, fitting seamlessly in any bag or even your laptop sleeve. Stacked, Flio is only 8mm / 0.31″ thick and so light (380g / 0.84lb), that it will be almost unnoticeable while you’re on the go. Flio is intuitive and fast to assemble.

Flio also has tiny integrated magnets to hold all the pieces of the puzzle together when it’s not being used, so that you’ll not lose any parts on the bottom of your bag.

Flio Adjust

Flio was made with sustainability in mind, that’s why it’s built of wood. Wood is warm, has beautiful texture and doesn’t affect the environment as plastic would, at production as well as at the end of the product’s life. All wood panels come from plantations compliant to FSC or PEFC regulations, assuring a fair purchase from manufacturers.

The base Flio version comes in high quality Hardboard with the same smooth texture on both sides. The other four options are Eucalyptus Hardboard, Oil Tempered Hardboard, Beech wood with natural finish and Bamboo.

Assembling Flio

Flio is designed to allow a clean airflow around all sides of your laptop, helping to cool your laptop to prevent overheating.

Flio has about a week left to go, and is just a few thousand dollars short of making its goal. You can pledge for this project in various levels, including:

Flio rewards

If the Flio looks like a project that you’d like to support, visit the Flio Kickstarter page for more information.

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