Rumor: ‘iPad Pro’ – 12.2-inch Display, Stereo Speakers, 7-mm Thick

Rumor: ‘iPad Pro’ – 12.2-inch Display, Stereo Speakers, 7-mm Thick

A new report from Mac Otakara claims to share new details about the much-rumored “iPad Pro” tablet. Development on the device has reportedly been delayed as Apple attempts to catch up with demand for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Mac Otakara  iPad Pro Sketch


According to the report, the larger iPad will include a 12.2-inch display, somewhat smaller than the 12.9-inch measurement most commonly rumored for the device. Sources also indicate the device will contain speakers and microphones on both the top and bottom edges, opening the door to an improved stereo audio experience.

The report goes on to note the design seems to be based on the iPad Air 2, however a pair of speakers and microphones will also be added to the top end of the device.

The report also says the iPad Pro won’t be as thin as the iPad Air 2, but will still be fashionably svelte, coming in around 7mm thick.

Of course, this is all pie in the sky until we get an official announcement from AppleĀ about the iPad Pro’s dimensions, or even if the device actually exists.

  1. TedJustfar says:

    I think this is why Apple’s sales will decline. Other than the “thinner and bigger” or “thinner and smaller” factor, there’s really nothing new and exciting. Oh, I’m sorry, I almost forgot that the side switch is now made out of carbon fiber as opposed to chrome!!! Woo-hoo! And what about them speakers, eh! It’s not in the bottom any more, babe! It’s on the TOP! Can you say T-O-P! Imagine the experience!

    If you never had any version of iPads and just coming to the market, yes, I can see you getting one. Other than that, WHO CARES!? Do you?

    My iPad 3 is over 2.5 years old. It’s in mint condition and it runs perfectly on iOS 7.1. Don’t even plan to upgrade to iOS 8. Maybe after 5 years I will get the latest one.

    1. Chris Hauk Chris Hauk says:

      No iPad Pro for Ted, gotcha!

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