App Santa – Get Up To 80% Off iOS and Mac Apps

App Santa – Get Up To 80% Off iOS and Mac Apps

Once again, a group of developers have banded together to offer a hefty discount on some of their most popular apps. “App Santa,” offers some excellent deals on both iOS and Mac apps.

App Santa

App Santa includes apps from several well-known developers including RealMac, Readdle, Tapbots, Gneo, PCalc, JuneCloud, and others.

Apps included in the App Santa promotion are:

  • Calendars 5 for iOS ($2.99, discounted from $6.99) Smart calendar client for your iPhone and iPad.
  • Castro ($1.99, discounted from $3.99) A revolutionary podcast client for iPhone.
  • Clear for iOS ($2.99, discounted from $4.99) and Mac ($5.99, discounted from $9.99) Simplify your life. [iOS Link] [Mac Link]
  • ColorStrokes ($0.99, discounted from $1.99) Create amazing black & white photos with colored objects on your iPhone.
  • Day One for iOS ($0.99, discounted from $4.99) and Mac ($7.99, discounted from $9.99) Record life as you live it. [iOS Link] [Mac Link]
  • Deliveries for iOS ($2.99, discounted from $4.99) and Mac ($3.99, discounted from $4.99) Track all your packages so you never miss a delivery. [iOS Link] [Mac Link]
  • Drafts 4 ($4.99, discounted from $9.99) Drafts, where text starts on iOS.
  • Ember for iOS ($2.99, discounted from $4.99) and Mac Take screenshots, capture full webpages.
  • FX Photo Studio ($0.99, discounted from $2.99) The biggest collection of photo effects on your iPhone.
  • Gneo ($5.99, discounted from $9.99) Dream. Plan. Do.
  • Go Couch to 5K ($1.99, discounted from $4.99) Easy to follow path to your first 5K run.
  • Group Text+ ($1.99, discounted from $2.99) Quickly create and send text messages.
  • Launch Center Pro for iOS ($0.99, discounted from $4.99) Launch actions, not just apps.
  • Manual ($0.99, discounted from $1.99) Custom exposure for your iPhone camera.
  • Mileage Log+ ($4.99, discounted from $9.99) Mileage log made simple.
  • MindNode for iOS ($4.99, discounted from $9.99) and Mac ($9.99, discounted from $19.99) Delightful Mind Mapping. [iOS Link] [Mac Link]
  • Next for iPad and iPhone ($1.99, discounted from $2.99) and Mac ($2.99, discounted from $6.99) Track your expenses and finances. [iPhone Link] [iPad Link] [Mac Link]
  • PCalc for iOS and Mac ($6.99 each, discounted from $9.99) A powerful scientific calculator. [iOS Link] [Mac Link]
  • PDF Expert 5 ($6.99, discounted from $9.99) The ultimate PDF annotation and editing tool.
  • Printer Pro ($2.99, discounted from $6.99) Print anything right from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Prizmo for iOS ($4.99, discounted from $9.99) and Mac ($24.99, discounted from $49.99) Camera-based scanning & OCR. [iOS Link] [Mac Link]
  • Scanner Pro ($2.99, discounted from $6.99) Turn your iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner.
  • Screens for iOS ($9.99, discounted from $19.99) and Mac ($14.99, discounted from $29.99) Connect back to your computer from anywhere in the world. [iOS Link] [Mac Link]
  • Solar Walk ($0.99, discounted from $2.99) Experience the solar system like never before.
  • Soulver for iOS ($2.99, discounted from $4.99) and Mac ($8.99, discounted from $11.99) Soulver is a notepad calculator, great for quick calculations. [iOS Link] [Mac Link]
  • Star Walk HD ($0.99, discounted from $2.99) An interactive astronomy guide that shows celestial objects.
  • Terminology ($1.99, discounted from $2.99) Terminology, a browser for the English language.
  • TextExpander touch ($2.99, discounted from $4.99) Typing shortcut utility that saves time and keystrokes.
  • Tweetbot 3 for iPhone ($2.99, discounted from $4.99) An elegant Twitter client for iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Windy ($1.99, discounted from $2.99) Sleep, Relax, and Meditate with natural white noise.

The App Santa promotion runs December 16 – December 26.

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