Apple Debuts New iPad Air 2 Ad – “Change”

Apple Debuts New iPad Air 2 Ad – “Change”

Apple on Sunday debuted a new iPad Air 2 ad entitled “Change.” The ad shows off the tablet being used in a variety of situations.

Apple Debuts New iPad Air 2 Ad - "Change"

MacRumors notes the ad shows the tablet being used by a number of users, including artists, motorcycle enthusiasts, photographers, and schoolteachers, as its full-screen visuals shrink to resemble the form of the device itself.

The ad also features the song “Who Needs You”, which is performed by The Orwells.

Apple also posted a new “Change” area on its website, which spotlights the apps used in the ad, which include the Tayasui Sketches illustration app, stop motion video animation app iStopMotion for the iPad, educational app Molecules by Theodore Gray, and car performance optimization app OBD Fusion.

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