Some Apple Pay Partners Might Not Make 2014 Rollout Date

Some Apple Pay Partners Might Not Make 2014 Rollout Date

Apple has altered their Apple Pay website to update the status of several of their partners, and it looks as if some retail stores and apps might not make their previously published 2014 deadline.

Apple Pay POS Terminal


Retailers that teamed up with Apple and plan to implement Apple Pay support in retail stores and apps in the near future are now listed under sections labeled “Coming soon” instead of “Coming later this year.”

This suggests some of Apple’s partners will be rolling out support for Apple Pay in their stores and apps in early 2015, instead of the last week of 2014. This could be due to training, hardware, or software issues.

The Apple Pay site now shows as “Coming Soon,” such partners as ACME, Albertsons, Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban Outfitters.

Walt Disney World and Ticketmaster have both recently introduced Apple Pay support.

Other retail partners include Subway, Whole Foods, McDonald’s and Walgreens. Launched in October, Apple Pay made up 1% of all digital payment dollars in November.

  1. jameskatt says:

    But by the end of 2015, they will be forced to update their terminals anyway. And for companies that choose so, they can activate NFC and easily accept Apple Pay to keep their customers happy.

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