Report: Apple to Build New R&D Facility in Japan

Report: Apple to Build New R&D Facility in Japan

Japan’s Prime Minister on Tuesday revealed that Apple will soon announce they will be building a new “cutting edge” research and development center in his country.

Apple Store in Tokyo's Shibuya District, Japan
Apple Store in Tokyo’s Shibuya District, Japan


Apple has yet to confirm the comments from Japan Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, which were made in a campaign speech outside of Tokyo, according to Reuters. The government official said that the new R&D center will be on par with existing Apple facilities in Asia.

Details about the new R&D center remain unknown.

Apple’s research and development expenditures continue to grow alongside their profits. During the last quarter alone, the Cupertino company sank a record $1.68 billion into R&D, for a fiscal 2014 total of $6 billion.

Apple has been expanding its global R&D presence, with news of a new facility in Cambridge, U.K. leaking out recently, as well as a location in Shanghai, and two current facilities in Israel.