Review: Comma Steel 6ft Lightning Sync/Charge Cable W/ Aluminum Shell

Review: Comma Steel 6ft Lightning Sync/Charge Cable W/ Aluminum Shell

While the standard Lightning cables that come with out iOS devices may be enough for the average user, some find the cables are not as tough and durable as they’d like. For those users, we review the Comma Chargers Comma Steel –¬†6ft Braided MFi Lightning Cable w/ Aluminum Shell.

Comma Steel


The Comma Steel is a 6ft. long MFi certified Lightning cable, with a braided covering for the cable. The braided cover allows less tangling of the cable, while adding much-needed durability. The aluminum shell on both connection ends also adds durability not found in the stock Apple Lightning cables. The 6ft. length of the Comma Steel also gives you an extra 3 ft. to work with. versus the standard 3ft. of the Apple cable.

While the standard Apple Lightning cable performs well enough in such controlled environments as my desktop, or in my living room, I’ve found the cables to be less than durable when using them in my backpack, or in my Kia Soul automobile. I have went through at least 3 cables in 2 years in my Kia, so the added durability of the Comma Steel was a most welcome option for automotive use.

Comma Steel

The Comma Steel is MFi certified, so you won’t have to worry about any messages from your devices telling you the cable isn’t supported.

When using the Comma Steel, I found it to be completely tangle-free, and durable. The aluminum casing on each end even adds a bit of class to the cable.

Comma Steel


If you’re looking for a durable cable that will perform well, and stand up to the rigors of daily use while on the go, you should definitely look at the Comma Steel. Its construction is high-quality from tip to tip. It also gives you an extra 3 ft. of cable when compared to the standard Apple MFi cable, while actually costing the same, or a few dollars less.

Give the Comma Steel a try the next time you’re in the market for a Lightning cable. I think you’ll be pleased.


Price: $19.99, but is currently on sale for $17.99 on the Comma Chargers website.

What I Liked:

  • The braided cable is durable, and tangle-free.
  • The aluminum tips protecting the USB and Lightning connector is attractive and durable.
  • Twice the length of the Apple standard cable, for about the same price.