T-Mobile Announces New 4G Unlimited Data Plans – 2 Lines for $100 a Month

T-Mobile Announces New 4G Unlimited Data Plans – 2 Lines for $100 a Month

T-Mobile announced on Tuesday that it will be debuting a new Simple Choice family plan offering unlimited 4G data at prices starting at 2 users for $100 per month. Additional lines can be added for $40 per month per line.

T-Mobile Family Plan
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While T-Mobile has offered an unlimited data plan, pricing for the plan started at $140 per month for two users, so the $40 per month saving under the new Simple Choice plan is considerable.

Under the new plan, a family of four would pay $180 per month, a savings of $40 over the old Simple Choice family plan.

T-Mobile said it’s time to put a stop to the madness. It’s time to free wireless customers from having to decipher confusing gigabyte promotions, from policing their own family’s data usage and from punishing overage charges. The Un-carrier is cutting through the clutter and complexity with a radically simple idea: everyone on your family plan uses as much data as they want. And, you can do it at a better price without ever worrying about domestic overages.

In addition to the unlimited data plans, T-Mobile is also bringing back a deal that offers 4 lines with 10GB of data for $100 per month. The plan will supply 2.5GB of 4G data per line through 2016, dropping down to 1GB per line after that.

T-Mobile’s new plans will be offered beginning today, December 10th, for “a limited time only.”