Apple Becomes Second Most Popular Camera on Flickr in 2014

Apple Becomes Second Most Popular Camera on Flickr in 2014

Apple became the second most popular camera among Flickr users in 2014, knocking Nikon out of second place. The most popular camera used on the online photo sharing service continued to be Canon.



With 100 million users uploading 10 billion photos last year, the usual standouts of Canon and Nikon edged out most of the competition, but most interesting was Apple moving past Nikon to take second place in the rankings (via The Next Web).

Of the top five camera brands used on the service, Canon took first place with 13.4%, followed by Apple with 9.6% and Nikon with 9.3%. Samsung and Sony filled the other 2 top spots, with 5.6% and 4.2% respectively.

While individual iPhone models have long held the individual most popular camera devices on Flickr, the several hundred models available from Canon and Nikon allowed them to hold down the top spots until recently.


Flickr also reported the top mobile camera devices used on Flickr, where Apple held the top 4, and 7 of the top ten spots in the list. First through fourth rankings were held by the iPhone 5 (10.6%), iPhone 4s (7.0%), iPhone 4 (4.3%), and the iPhone 5c (2.0%). The iPhone 6, iPad, and iPad mini also placed in the top ten.

Oddly enough, the iPhone 5s did not make a showing in the rankings, although it has been appearing as the most popular camera for a number of months.