Apple Watch Companion App Leaked – Yields More Details About Apple’s Wearable

Apple Watch Companion App Leaked – Yields More Details About Apple’s Wearable

Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac has gotten his hands on the Apple Watch companion app, and the leak has yielded some interesting information about Apple’s new wearable device.


Mark Gurman for 9to5Mac:

Within Apple, the application is currently called the Apple Watch “Companion” app for iPhone. This application manages settings for Apple Watch applications, as well as settings for iPhone/Watch interactivity. The Companion app’s settings reveal some novel new functions that are coming to the Apple Watch. 

The companion app, expected to be included in the final version of iOS 8.2, is a spartan, toggle screen filled app, with numerous options, including a visual screen that allows the user to rearrange the icons on the Apple Watch’s home screen via a larger version on the user’s iPhone screen.

The app includes a watchface feature, “Monogram,” which allows the user to add up to three letters, such as initials or some other identifying feature to a watchface, to further personalize it.


Users can also enable a subtle red dot that will appear on the watchface to indicate a new notification. Users can also choose a single stock to track on the watchface, showing a choice of either its current price, point change, percentage change, or market cap. The same stock will also appear in Glances.

Messages functions include the ability to respond to messages via voice, using either dictated messages, or actual audio messages. The app controls which method will be used as the default option. Users will also be able to set up and manage default text replies for incoming messages.

Users can also select whether to not receive alerts for text messages, or to only receive them from those in their contacts list.

The Maps function of the Apple Watch can be setup via the companion app, allowing users to receive “tapping” feedback on their wrist when the navigation feature needs to alert them to an upcoming turn.

Accessibility features on the watch will include a VoiceOver feature much like is available on iOS devices, which will speak text on the screen, with users able to activate VoiceOver by a raise of the wrist, or a double tap of the display.


Zooming in on the Apple Watch screen will be controlled by a two finger double-tap to zoom, two fingers to pan around the screen, and a double tap while dragging to adjust the amount of zoom.

A passcode feature, similar to the iPhone and iPad, will allow the user to setup a four digit passcode. Apple Pay mobile payments will be enabled upon entering the passcode when first putting on the watch. If the passcode is deleted or changed, users will need to re-enter credit card details for Apple Pay.

Users will also be able to unlock the Apple Watch via the connected iPhone. The feature will only work when the Apple Watch is attached to a user’s wrist.

The watch can also be set to wipe all of its onboard data if the passcode is entered incorrectly 10 times.

The companion app can also allow you to control fitness features of the watch, such as standing reminders, activity progress reports, notification of completion of exercise/movement/standing goals, summaries of movement, and more.

The 9to5Mac article goes into deeper detail about the Apple Watch and its companion app, and is recommended reading for anyone who wants to know what’s ahead with Apple’s upcoming wearable device.