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Developers Being Logged Into Wrong iTunes Connect Account (Updated)

Developers Being Logged Into Wrong iTunes Connect Account (Updated)

A number of iTunes Connect developers report on Twitter of having found themselves logged into someone else’s account when attempting to view their own.


Instead of seeing their own apps, iTunes Connect is mismatching users and displaying other apps from completely different developers.MacRumors has been able to duplicate this issue, which appears to be widespread and has been going on since at least 8 AM Pacific.

While developers are seeing other devs apps displayed in the iTunes Connect dashboard, any attempt to take further action is met with an “unable to process request” error and a redirect to the proper account. It doesn’t appear that sales and payment information is accessible for the incorrect account.

Other users reported issues logging in.

Developers Being Logged Into Wrong iTunes Connect Accounts

Apple has yet to comment on the matter, and as of 9:16AM Pacific time, users are receiving a notice that iTunes Connect is temporarily unavailable. MacTrast also attempted to login via the iTunes Connect app for iOS and we were able to login correctly, with the proper account information being displayed.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

(UPDATE – 10:03 AM Pacific) – Apple has now acknowledged on its System Status page for developers that users are “experiencing a problem” with iTunes Connect. Also, the same page shows an issue with TestFlight, saying users are unable to submit new apps and invite new testers.

(UPDATE – 12:48 PM Pacific) – Apple is reporting via its System Status page that the iTunes Connect and TestFlight services have indeed been restored.

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