Game Developer Nimblebit Previews Their Apple Watch Game

Game Developer Nimblebit Previews Their Apple Watch Game

Although Apple has shared what their Message, Mail, and other apps will look like on the upcoming Apple Watch, we’ve yet to see much in the way of third party apps. Game developer NimbleBit changes that by giving us a peek at Letterpad, a word-matching game they’re developing for Apple’s new wearable device.

Game Developer Nimblebit Previews Their Apple Watch Game


Shared by our sister site TouchArcade, Letterpad is a simple word game that will be available on both iOS and the Apple Watch. The object of the game is to make words related to a specified topic from a grid of nine letters… 

While games may seem like they would drain too much of the Apple Watch’s precious battery life to be feasible, simple word or numbers games will likely translate well to the wearable’s smaller screen. (A simple matching game, such as “Simon” should also be easy to pull off. There you go developers, that idea is free, run with it. -Ed.)

The Apple Watch’s Taptic Engine and Force Touch capabilities should lend themselves to some inventive games on the mighty mite, so we can’t wait to see what comes down the pike following the device’s release.

TouchArcade reports the Letterpad game is close to completion, but as of right now no release date has been set. It will reportedly come with 200 different puzzles to complete, as well as the ability to create your own puzzles and share them.

We’ll likely see the Apple Watch debut sometime in March, and entry level pricing for the wearable device will begin at $349.