Google Makes Its Move to Become a Wireless Carrier

Google Makes Its Move to Become a Wireless Carrier

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has signed deals with T-Mobile and Sprint that will allow the search giant to sell wireless service to consumers.

Google Makes Its Move to Become a Wireless Carrier


The publication’s sources suggest that Google’s entry into the wireless service industry may be part of an effort to persuade carriers to bolster speeds and cut down on pricing. Positioning itself as a wireless carrier is also part of Google’s larger effort to provide better Internet coverage across the United States.

Of the four major carriers, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, only no. 4 carrier T-Mobile has made any moves to shake up the wireless industry with their Uncarrier promotions. However, wireless service in the United States is still priced higher than in other countries.

Details are still hard to come by on when, and where Google will first offer its wireless service, or how it will be priced. The Google-branded wireless service could follow the lead of Google’s Fiber broadband internet service, and roll out in a limited number of cities at the start.

Google will operate as a mobile virtual network operator, (MVNO), reselling wireless service from T-Mobile and Sprint under it’s own branding. This will allow the search giant to offer service without the need to build out its own infrastructure. Other MVNOs include Boost Mobile, and Straight Talk.

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