iOS 8 Installed Base Now at 68% of All Compatible Devices

iOS 8 Installed Base Now at 68% of All Compatible Devices

Apple’s iOS 8 is now installed on 68% of all compatible iOS devices. The mobile operating system, released in September of 2014, has received a four percentage point bump in installs since it was last measured on December 23.

iOS 8 Installed Base Now at 68% of All Compatible Devices

The increase in installs is likely attributable to Apple’s strong iOS device activation numbers for the holidays.

iOS 8 installation numbers are up 12 percentage points over the last two months. iOS 7 has seen a 4% drop in install numbers, dropping from 33% in December, down to 29% in January. Earlier versions of the OS are installed on just 4% of devices logging into the App Store.

iOS 8 was released back in September, and was afflicted by numerous bugs in its early days of release. That, and the initial space requirements for over the air installation of the new OS, likely led to slower adoption numbers in the early going.

Apple addressed the issues with a number of updates, including iOS 8.1, iOS 8.1.1, and iOS 8.1.2. The company is currently working on iOS 8.2, which will while likely containing more bug fixes and improvements, will also include support for Apple’s upcoming Apple Watch.

  1. TedJustfar says:

    This report is not exactly clear. The article refers to “installs” and the pie chart refers to “AppStore visits” based on system version. They can tell that 68% of the devices that visited the AppStore have iOS 8 running. But many of these devices could just simply be a newly purchased iPhone or iPad. It does not imply that X amount of users actually installed iOS 8 over iOS7.

    I believe it’s just the usual marketing ploy on behalf of Apple trying sell people to install iOS 8.

    Also, 68 + 29 + 4 = 101%. Hmmm….

    1. Chris Hauk Chris Hauk says:

      The percentages are likely rounded up, so… And I could have used a different word than “installs” to refer to usage.

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