Meet the First ‘Apple Watch’ – Circa 1995

Meet the First ‘Apple Watch’ – Circa 1995

While the tech world breathlessly awaits the upcoming Apple Watch, MacTrast, in the spirit of full disclosure, would like to point out this is not the first watch to carry the Apple logo. And this Apple Watch worked with any smartphone. And smartphones hadn’t even been invented when it was released in 1995!

Meet the First 'Apple Watch' - Circa 1995


Thanks to the TLD YouTube channel for jogging our memories and showing off the device, which was not sold separately but came as a free gift to tempt users into upgrading to Macintosh System 7.5.

While the Apple Watch in the video lacks such features as Bluetooth, Apple Pay, Retina display – and most importantly – a design by Jony Ive, it does have that cool rainbow Apple logo, and Mac OS lettering on the watch strap. So there’s that.

It appears there are still some of these ancient Apple watches laying around, as some entrepreneurial types are selling the watches for $99-129. However, they appear to be sold out right now.

UGH! Why do I all of a sudden want one of these Apple watches in the place of the upcoming Apple Watch? Fickle be my heart…