Review: The Kenu Highline Case for the iPhone 6 Plus – Keep Your iPhone on a Leash!

Review: The Kenu Highline Case for the iPhone 6 Plus – Keep Your iPhone on a Leash!

Are you an active type, always running, skiing, rock climbing, fishing, running through airports? Yeah, me either. However I am a fumble fingered son of a gun. So, I was extremely pleased when I was asked to review the Kenu Highline Case for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Review: The Kenu Highline Case for the iPhone 6 Plus - Keep Your iPhone on a Leash!
The Kenu Highline – iPhone 6 model on the left, iPhone 6 Plus model on the right.


The Kenu Highline is a combination case/security leash that allows you to use your iPhone 6 Plus in all sorts of precarious situations without worrying if you’ll drop it and never see it again. (Think “Ski Lift…”)

The Kenu Highline case is a thin snap on case that doesn’t add much in the way of bulk to your iPhone. While thin, the Highline is made out of an impact-resistant polycarbonate that stood up to everything I put it against. (See “fumble fingered” above…)

As well as being impact-resistant, the case is also textured, which improves your grip on your iPhone 6 Plus, which users know is not only huge, but slippery. The texture aids in the grip, which helps keep you from dropping it while in use. The case wraps around your iPhone, and has a raised edge to keep the screen of your device from making contact with any surfaces.

Speaking of drops, the other half of the Highline system helps avoid tragedy if you do indeed drop your iPhone. The Kenu Highline also includes an elastic leash, which snaps securely to both your iPhone and the case, allowing you to drop your precious device without fear of it crashing to the floor. (Or the mountainside below.)

The elastic leash has a Kevlar core, so it should stand up to a great deal of punishment. The leash attaches on one end to your iPhone and the Highline case. The “Lightning Lock” latch slides into the Lightning port on your iPhone, while a snap latch clicks onto the case itself. The connection snaps in place, making a firm connection, keeping your iPhone attached to the elastic leash.

The other end of the leash consists of an attachment loop, which allows you to loop through zippers, belt loops, purse handles and more. Kenu says the attachment loop is also made of kevlar, so the loop should also stand up to wear and tear.

I’ve used the Highline for about 2 weeks, and I have to say it has come in handy. I’ve always had a tendency to drop my iPhones, and the large size of the iPhone 6 Plus has only added to that possibility. While I’ve only used the leash when I’m out and about, connected to my jacket’s zipper, I’ve used the case itself continuously,and the case has protected my precious handset the few times I’ve dropped it.

Review: The Kenu Highline Case for the iPhone 6 Plus - Keep Your iPhone on a Leash!


The Kenu Highline is a must have accessory for active users, or for folks like myself who just tend to drop their iPhone. The case does a good job of protecting the handset, while the elastic leash gives added peace of mind when using it anywhere there’s the possibility of dropping, and possibly losing the device.

The elastic leash also gives added peace of mind when in crowds, giving a bit of insurance against a bad guy possibly slipping the device out of your pocket. The snap in feature of the leash would at the least likely cause a pickpocket to fumble a bit, hopefully alerting the user that someone was attempting to make off with their iPhone.

The Kenu Highline is available for the iPhone 6 ($29.95), iPhone 6 Plus ($34.95), iPhone 5/5s ($24.95), and iPhone 4/4s ($19.95). Extra elastic leashes are also available for $14.95 so you can have spares for jackets, purses, etc.

Rating: [rating:4.0]

Pricing: iPhone 6 ($29.95), iPhone 6 Plus ($34.95), iPhone 5/5s ($24.95), and iPhone 4/4s ($19.95). Available at the Kenu website.

What I liked:

  • The combination of a case and a leash help avoid tragic falls for the iPhone.
  • I like the elasticity of the leash, allowing me to have my jacket zippered, while still keeping my iPhone in my jacket pocket.
  • The textured surface of the case helps prevent your iPhone 6 Plus from slipping out of your hands.

What I’d like to see:

  • A fully-enclosed waterproof version. My wife works around water, and while she liked the idea of the leash, she noted that the case itself would need to waterproof the iPhone as well for it to be of value to her.
  • Perhaps a layer of a more tactile material on the case to give an even better grip.

For more information about the Kenu Highline, as well as Kenu’s other products such as the soon to be reviewed Airframe+ Car Mount, visit the Kenu website.

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