WHOOPS! BlackBerry Sent an Official Tweet From an iPhone!

WHOOPS! BlackBerry Sent an Official Tweet From an iPhone!

Sure, we’ve seen some embarrassing tweets from celebrities or other public figures sent from an iPhone when they’re tweeting to promote another mobile platform, but it’s not every day you see an official company tweet coming from the wrong OS.

WHOOPS! BlackBerry Sent a Tweet From an iPhone!
Twitter screenshot – The Verge

The Verge:

Whoever wrote this fired it off from an iPhone. You wouldn’t see it anywhere in the regular Twitter app, but companies still seem to forget this stuff is plainly visible in Tweetbot, Tweetdeck, and other clients.

The tweet has since been deleted, but not before The Verge could get a screenshot of it.

Wow, BlackBerry must’ve REALLY needed to send a tweet if they had to do it from an iPhone. It’s likely they wanted to grab a photo of the device in the tweet and just decided to go ahead and tweet it from the iPhone¬†they took the photo with. But just in case: Heads up guys, there is a Twitter app for the Blackberry, you can find it here.