Apple Helping Developers Ready Their Apple Watch Apps

Apple Helping Developers Ready Their Apple Watch Apps

Apple has hosted several third-party app developers at its Cupertino, CA offices in order to assist them in getting their apps ready for the upcoming launch of the Apple Watch.

Apple Helping Developers Ready Their Apple Watch Apps


Development and design representatives from dozens of different development firms have visited Apple last week, or are coming to Cupertino this week, to work with Apple engineers to finish up WatchKit-based applications. One source claims that Apple is holding workshops for over 100 different developers across February.

Apple also met with a smaller group of developers back in January to assist with WatchKit development, and to discuss future plans.

Developers visiting Apple HQ include those that are developing sports apps, as well as those working on productivity software.

Apple has also been reportedly meeting with banks to work on WatchKit apps designed to assist Apple Pay functionality on the new wearable device, including developers from German-based banks. This indicates Apple will soon look to expand Apple Pay to more countries around the world. Apple is expected to expand Apple Pay to Canada as soon as March.

“Apple is said to have asked developers to travel to Cupertino on an urgent timeline, which indicates that Apple is likely readying the Watch apps for either an upcoming marketing effort or media event to show off more details about the Apple Watch.”

Developers say there is a sense of secrecy surrounding the Cupertino meetings, with developers in the room identified only by numeric identifiers in order to keep each other’s plans private.

Developers are reportedly quite positive about the Apple Watch application ecosystem, saying it will be “great,” and saying the opportunities are “huge.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently indicated the Apple Watch will ship in April. Apple has been training Apple Retail employees on the device in secret workshops in Los Angeles, Cupertino, Austin, and Atlanta. Apple is also said to be installing safes to hold the new watches, along with scales designed to weigh individual gold Apple Watch Edition watches if they are returned for exchange or refund.

  1. MRonin ⚜ says:

    After conflicting reports on battery life and stability, I’ve decided to wait and see with the watch. I loved what was presented last year. However if the battery life isn’t up to par and takes to long to recharge then it’s no longer a must have for me.

    1. Chris Hauk Chris Hauk says:

      Yeah, same here. I’m really happy with my Pebble smartwatch, so I’m playing wait and see…

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