‘Enhanced Sapphire’ Could Take the Glare Off of Smartphone Screens

‘Enhanced Sapphire’ Could Take the Glare Off of Smartphone Screens

Sapphire glass may finally be ready to go toe-to-toe with traditional strengthened glass, as a new production method for sapphire is said to lower its reflectivity significantly.

'Enhanced Sapphire' Could Take the Glare Off of Smartphone Screens

DisplayMate notes that the new technology doesn’t involve a coating, but rather a “new sapphire technology” that is apparently integrated into the glass itself.

“This new production ready low reflectance enhanced sapphire will undoubtedly be one of the major new advancements for smartphone displays in the very near future,” DisplayMate chief Raymond Soneira said in a press release.

A less reflective glass would lead to better visibility in bright, daytime situations, as well as lowering the level of the required backlighting, leading to longer battery life.

The improvement would need to be significant in order to lure smartphone manufacturers away from Corning’s Gorilla Glass, which is currently more shatter-resistant, as well as being less costly.

While rumors of Apple’s use of sapphire glass for the screens of its iPhone 6 lineup didn’t pan out – possibly due to GT Advance’s failure to produce the glass in acceptable quality and quantities – the company continues to use the super-hard glass to protect the camera lenses and Touch ID sensors in its iPhone lineup.

(Via AppleInsider)