FiftyThree Makes Paper’s Drawing Tools Free for Everyone

FiftyThree Makes Paper’s Drawing Tools Free for Everyone

Developer FiftyThree has announced that they have made the drawing tools in their popular iPad drawing/sketching app Paper free for everyone. The tools were previously available only as an $8 in-app purchase.

FiftyThree’s Blog:

At FiftyThree, we built Paper to remove barriers to creativity by putting simple, powerful tools into people’s hands. By making Paper accessible to all, we hope to see more great ideas come to life – on Mix and everywhere.

Mix is FiftyThree’s platform that allows artists to share their work with others. All work created from within the Paper app can be shared to Mix.

While FiftyThree doesn’t share the exact reasons behind making the Paper drawing tools free, it does mention that it hopes to grow the Mix platform and usage of the Paper app.

Making the tools free could also lead to expanded use of FiftyThree’s excellent Pencil stylus, which just recently became available at Apple Retail Stores.

Paper by FiftyThree is available FREE for the iPad in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]

(Via iMore)