How To Quickly Find Model Information For Your Mac

How To Quickly Find Model Information For Your Mac

While you likely know what type of Mac you own, be it a MacBook Pro, or iMac, and so on, you may not know the exact model identifier for the device. While you won’t need this information in most cases, it will come in handy when troubleshooting, or purchasing upgrades.

How To Quickly Find Model Information About Your Mac

To find the Mac Model Identifier for Your Mac, Follow These Steps:

  1. Hold down the OPTION key and click on the  Apple menu
  2. Click on “System Information…” from the top of the pull-down menu (You’ll see “About This Mac’ if the Option key is not held down.)
  3. From the System Information detailed screen, choose Hardware (which is is usually selected by default) in the left-hand panel, and find “Model Identifier” within Hardware Overview in the right-hand panel.

The Model Identifier will always be shown in the format shown in the screenshot above, which is  “Model Name and Model Number, Model Revision.” As shown in the screenshot, my MacBook is “MacBookPro8,2.” That is an early-2011 MacBook Pro.

You’ll also be able to read the serial number farther down in the list, and you can highlight and copy it, if needed, from the screen shown above. Very handy when checking your eligibility for repair programs, such as the recently announced GPU fix for a number of MacBook Pro models. (Mine is eligible, I just need to figure out how to get the repairs done, and still be able to do my job while I’m waiting…)

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