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iPhone 6 Plus Owners Use 2X the Data That iPhone 6 Users Do

iPhone 6 Plus Owners Use 2X the Data That iPhone 6 Users Do

A new mobile analytics report from Citrix (PDF) contains all sort of interesting information about mobile device usage, and one bit of info is especially interesting: iPhone 6 Plus users tend to use twice as much data as users with an iPhone 6 do.

iPhone 6 Plus Owners Use 2X Data of iPhone 6 Users
Big screens – Big data usage


People who own the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus consume twice as much data as people who own the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus data usage is 10 times higher than data usage on the 3.5-inch iPhone 3GS.

OK, so the iPhone 3GS is almost six years old, and has much slower hardware, and only a 3G connection, so I’m sure there’s not much surprise over that tidbit. Anyhow, back to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus data usage comparisons.

Citrix believes the higher data usage on the iPhone 6 Plus is due to the device’s larger screen causing users to treat it more like a tablet, which leads to using it for data intensive tasks, such as streaming movies.

Citrix also offers the logical bit of advice to users of the larger 6 Plus to be sure they select a super-sized data plan to go with that super-sized device. (I’ll just take the regular sized fires with that order, thanks… – Ed.) 

Citrix’s study also reveals that the dominance of fitness in mobile health apps is on the rise, with 78% of mobile health app users using fitness apps, up from 39% in 2013.

In the enterprise arena, Citrix confirms that iOS is still the HDIC (Head Device in Charge) in the office, with iOS devices responsible for 64% of devices managed in the enterprise, compared to 27% for Android and 9% for Windows Mobile.