Review: Kenu Airframe+ The Portable Car Mount for the iPhone 6 Plus

Review: Kenu Airframe+ The Portable Car Mount for the iPhone 6 Plus

While most of my iPhone 6 Plus usage is either right at my desk, or in my home, (I work from home, so…), I do find myself using my “HUGE” iPhone in my car on weekends for such tasks as driving directions, and of course musical entertainment.

Sadly, my car mount that has served me so well from my iPhone 4 all the way through my iPhone 5s was not wide enough to clamp itself to my new big-screened behemoth. So, when the fine folks at Kenu offered a review sample of their Airframe+ car mount, I jumped at the chance.



The Kenu Airframe+ can accommodate most large screen devices, ranging from the iPhone 5, up to the Lumia 1520’s 6-inch screen. Kenu says it can also handle most oversized cases, such as the Otterbox Defender for the iPhone 6. (Sorry, I didn’t have any of these to try it out.)

I found the Airframe+ to be extremely light, and also surprisingly small. I was concerned at first glance if it would be able to do its job.

Many car mounts either attach themselves to your vehicle’s dashboard or windshield via suction cups or adhesive pads, or even hooking onto an air-conditioning vent, the Airframe+ attaches works a bit differently.


While it’s true that the Airframe+ does attach to your vehicle’s air-conditioning vent, it does so via four soft-molded gripping prongs that work to secure your phone without hooking onto the vent slats, possibly leading to damage to either the slats, or the case itself when you attempt to remove the mount at a later date.

The body of the Airframe+ consists of a spring loaded expandable jaw on rails, allowing it to expand to fit almost any size case. The construction is metal and sturdy plastic, likely giving you years of service. (The jaws of the Airframe+ are made of a soft rubber-like material which securely grips your iPhone without scratching it.)

While the video below is slightly goofy, it does give you a good idea of the ease of using the Airframe+ with your iPhone:

I installed the Airframe+ in my 2013 Kia Soul, on the left center air vent. (As seen in the first photo above.) The construction of the Kia’s dashboard is such that my bare iPhone 6 Plus just barely squeezes into the allotted space, however, it did indeed fit.

One note about the air vents. It is suggested that you do not use the vent your Airframe+ and iPhone is attached to for heating, as the extra heat from the vent could cause your iPhone to overheat and malfunction.

Many vehicles include the ability to turn off the airflow to the vent, and it is highly suggested you do so if you’re using the Airframe+ during the winter season.  If it’s summer, and you have the air conditioning on in your car, all the better, the cool airflow will aid in the cooling of your device, which might tend to run hot in the summer sun.

The air vents types the Airframe+ is compatible with can be seen in the illustration below.


I found the Airframe+ easy to attach to my vehicle’s vent, and also to my iPhone 6 Plus. The mount can even be easily slid onto the vent fin when the iPhone is already in the mount, which I found to be the easiest way, due to the tight quarters of my vehicle’s vent.

Although the Airframe+ easily slides on and off of the vent, it stays securely in place when in use. I used the Airframe over the space of three weeks, and it securely kept my iPhone in place, allowing me access to all ports and buttons.

If you’re lucky, and the design of your dashboard, and the air vent placement allows, the Airframe+ allows you to use your device in either portrait or landscape. Unfortunately my Kia’s dash only allowed portrait orientation. Not a deal killer for me.



If you’ve tried other vehicle mounts for your iPhone or other large-screened devices and found them wanting, you’d do well to investigate the Airframe+. Its simple design and easy installation allow it to rank as one of the better mounts I’ve ever used with my iPhone.

While its price of $29.95 may seem a bit dear for such a small accessory, the Airframe+ will likely give you years of service, saving you money in the long run by preventing you from needing to purchase two or three of the cheaper mounts on the market in the same time period.


Price: $29.95 – Available at the Kenu website, and (The Airframe, for the iPhone 6 and smaller, is also available for $24.95)

What I Really Liked:

  • Easy on, easy off.
  • The small size of the Airframe+ makes it easy to transport and use on trips or in multiple cars.
  • If you put a business or credit card into the “fingers’ of the Airframe+, it can double as a stand for watching videos. (As seen above.)

If you’d like more information about the Airframe+, the smaller Airframe, or any of their other products, visit the Kenu website.

  1. DEmojica says:

    Started using the original Airframe when it came out last year. I travel allot, therefore I’m driving different rental cars every week. About 25% of the cars, it’s impossible to turn off the vent completely! Causing my iPhone 6 to overheat. I just gave up starting this year. I now use the system that mounts in the CD opening and hold the iPhone with a magnet.

    So if your car you can STOP the vent from blowing completely, it’s a GREAT iPhone holder.

    1. Chris Hauk Chris Hauk says:

      I’ve never run into this using it, but I always direct the heat in my car to the floorboard, and that turns it off completely. But, I know what you mean, some cars don’t do that. It is nice in the summer though, keep the iPhone nice and cool! 🙂

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