Apple Extends iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Repair Program

Apple Extends iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Repair Program

Hot on the heels of extending the replacement period for the battery on their iPhone5, Apple has now extended their iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button replacement program, allowing customers to get a malfunctioning sleep/wake button replaced for up to 3 years after the purchase date. Apfelpage [Google Translate], was the first to notice the extension.

Apple Extends Sleep/Wake Button Repair Program for iPhone 5
iPhone 5 Power Button – Photo: iFixit


The service began last April when multiple reports surfaced concerning the iPhone 5’s lock button only sporadically working, or ceasing to function altogether. The program allowed customers to enter their iPhone’s serial number to confirm its eligibility and subsequently carry-in or mail-in their device to be fixed in 4-6 days.

The extension tacks on an extra year of coverage for iPhone 5 users experiencing faulty sleep/wake buttons on their iPhone 5. The program originally kicked-off in April of 2014.

The company extended its iPhone 5 Battery Replacement program last week, extending replacement eligibility into 2016.