Review: The Straightjacket – A Clever, Cool Case for iPhone 6

Review: The Straightjacket  – A Clever, Cool Case for iPhone 6

Take a moment to think about your iPhone. Now think of the hours, days, weeks, and month that went into developing and designing the gorgeous aluminum chassis, the rounded screen edges, the slightly popped out camera, and the precise placement of the Apple logo. Now ask yourself – why would I want to hide this behind some obnoxious case?

Hopefully, your answer is “protecting it from damage.” Protecting your investment is certainly a good reason (and possibly the only truly acceptable reason), but wouldn’t it be better if covering and protecting the iPhone didn’t also obstruct it’s beauty at the same time? Enter: The Straightjacket from Loop Attachment


The Straightjacket ($34.95 from is a simple iPhone 6 (iPhone 5/5s version available here) bumper/case hybrid. It adds minimal bulk and an extra layer of protection to your iPhone 6, while allowing you to continue enjoying the industrial design that Apple intended.


Constructed from a glossy plastic bumper, a soft rubber lining, and four silicon straps (totaling 5 color combinations), the Straightjacket is nothing short of attention-grabbing. The hard plastic bumper (lined with soft rubber) wraps around the edges of your iPhone, and extends just beyond the depth of the iPhone 6’s camera on the back (and similarly on the front), protecting all the corners from accidental bumps and drops, and keeps the screen and camera from sustaining damage from being placed flat on a table or desk.


Along the left side of the case, a small cut-out for the mute switch and 2 rubber covered volume rockers make accessing sound-related controls quick and easy. On the right, a single rubber button adds some depth and grip to the power button. Along hte bottom, there is an oval cutout for the speaker, a larger opening for the lightning port, and a relatively small opening for headphones. This is always a sticking point for me, as I frequently use an aux cable with a larger plug casing, and with the Straightjacket, I ran into issues getting it to fix correctly. That said, every pair of headphones I could plug into my iPhone 6 worked with the Straightjacket – I’m sure that’s a sign I should get a different aux cable.

straightjacket-gray straightjacket-front

Across the back of the Straightjacket are the four silicon straps mentioned earlier (that lend to the case name). They wrap diagonally across the back of the device, leaving the polished Apple logo exposed, as well as staying clear of the camera and flash. They aren’t just for looks, though; the straps can function as storage for cash or plastic cards. I personally found storing cards along the back of my device impractical (and I was afraid of stretching the straps), but it could be a great place to stash an ID while running outside or tucking your gym membership card away while you workout.


The Straightjacket case is a fun, minimal case that is different than any other. The simple design, fun color options, and multi-functional straps make it unique, personal, and practical. The hard plastic shell offers a no-snag texture that makes removing it from pants pockets a breeze, and the soft rubber lining gives your iPhone a better chance of surviving an embarrassing tumble.

Rating: [rating: 4.5]


  • Fun color combinations
  • Adds protection without completely masking the iPhone
  • Card/cash storage
  • Unique design


  • Headphone cutout isn’t big enough for some plugs
  • iPhone tag on back covered, FCC jargon still exposed on back

Whether you’re looking for some added protection, a little extra grip, or a pop of color, Loop Attachment’s Straightjacket is an excellent option at a great price!