Siri is SO Excited About the Apple Watch!

Siri is SO Excited About the Apple Watch!

Just about everyone we know is excited about the upcoming release of the Apple Watch, and Siri is no exception!

Siri is SO Excited About the Apple Watch!
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Siri’s excitement was first discovered on Sunday by French blog, who found that if you asked her about the Apple Watch’s release date or simply asked “What are you doing?” it results in some amusing remarks referencing the much-anticipated wearable device.

Christian Zibreg of iDownloadBlog asked her “When will the Apple Watch be released?” and she replied that the device will make “its timely appearance” (oh Siri, you punster!) on April 24.

We continually asked Siri, “What are you doing?” and received the responses shown in the screenshots above.

We particularly enjoy her playful jab at Apple’s Jony Ive, when she replied, “Just got back from IL8. Mining some alumin-ium for the Apple Watch.”

Siri is likely so excited about the Watch due to the role it will play in her interaction with users.

Users will soon be able to interact with her by simply long-pressing the Apple Watch’s digital crown, or by raising their wrist and saying “Hey Siri!”

Let us know if you hear any new replies out of Siri when she’s asked about the Apple Watch.