Wall Street Analysts Just Can’t Agree on Apple Watch Sales Projections

Wall Street Analysts Just Can’t Agree on Apple Watch Sales Projections

As the April debut of the Apple Watch grows near, Wall Street analysts are chiming in with their 2015 sales projections for Apple’s new wearable device. The only thing is, most of them can’t agree on the numbers!


Fortune magazine surveyed 15 analysts, asking them to estimate how many Apple Watches Apple would sell in calendar year 2015. Analysts came back with an average estimate of 23.25 million. Estimates, as seen above, varied widely, from Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray’s lowball estimate of 8 million, all the way up to a bullish 41 million estimate from Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry.

The average number is a slight bump from a similar Fortune survey from last September, which showed an average projection of 22.6 million units.

A March estimate by J.P. Morgan indicated that 5% of all iPhone users would buy an Apple Watch during the first year of release. That would come out to around 26.3 million units sold.

We here at MacTrast use the same scientific method most analysts do to estimate sales of an as yet unreleased product, and our magic 8 Ball says “It is decidedly so” that Apple will sell 32.5 million Apple Watches in 2015. You can quote us on that, even include it in the analyst averages if you so desire.

The Apple Watch arrives in stores in April. How many units do you think Apple will sell in 2015? Share your projection with us in the comments below. There isn’t any prize involved, but if you’re right, you get to tell us “I told you so!”

(Via AppAdvice)